Bobbles For Babies

Hello lovelies, so here we are I've finally found the time between all the dirty nappies, the early weaning, the constant sleepless nights and more recently the, 'I will never sit still again, your time is up lady, my reign of Tyranny is nigh!' stage!!! GAHHH!!

So as some of you will know by now, our little Seb was born 15 weeks early last November. We spent Christmas, New Year, my 29th Bithday and Valentine's Day in Neonatal care, finally making it home just before Sebs due date on the 16th Febuary this year. 

I always knew about the NICU, but to most of us it's just a door with a sign above it that we walk past on our way to postnatal care. Every family's NICU journey is different, some only swig by for a couple of weeks to a month. The rest of us are in it for the long haul from 2 months onwards, becoming part of the furniture and making it our second home. No matter how long your in for though, the absolute horror of not being able to bring your newborn baby home, whether it be a week or 6 months is heartbreaking, and so getting the right support is crucial. 

This is where Bliss come in. Offering emotional and practical support to empower families and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to provide the best possible care to their baby whilst in neonatal care, as well as continuing support after they have gone home. Through their network of volunteers they provide face-to-face, phone and e-mail support, meaning families have access to practical advice and a listening ear when they need it most. 

I was lucky enough to meet some truly amazing families during our journey, and listen to their stories of NICU life, as well as being supported myself by some super strong mums, some of whom were not as lucky as us. It is for all of them, and all of the mum's that will come after them that I chose to raise money for this charity. By buying our bobbles you are helping Bliss to continue this amazing support! 

Thank you in advance from all of us for buying, and rocking our bobbles with style, and for helping Bliss to continue to support the families that so desperately need it!