Our Story


Isn't it just the best feeling finding out that your pregnant? Whether it be your first, second, third, or even FOURTH baby ( high five to all you mamas well on your way to a five a side football team!) its just so exciting! You go to your scans and see your little baba on the screen for the first time. You get to your 20 week scan, your just starting to fill out those maternity clothes you plan on spending the next 20 weeks wearing. You start to show off your neat little bump, excitedly talking to friends and family about birth plans and ante-natal classes you want to attend, dreaming of that day that you bravely bring your precious bundle into the world. Imagining the moment when you first hold them and look into their eyes, and how proud you'll be as you leave the maternity unit, taking your new addition home to meet family and friends. You start nearing the end of your second trimester, getting ready for your little swede to grow into a big watermelon. You are 25 weeks pregnant. Somethings not right. Suddenly you are in labour and your whole world is about to be turned upside down. 

That was us 11 months ago. 

Sebastian George Leah

Gestation: 25 weeks + 4

Born: 9th November 2015

Weight: 1 lb 12

Natural Delivery - Live Birth

Sebastian at 3 days old

Sebastian at 3 days old

We spent 100 days in total in Neonatal care, 3 weeks in super intensive care in Southampton Neonatal, returning to our home town of Poole just before Christmas for the duration of our Nicu stay. We were finally discharged 2 days before Seb's due date on the 16th February 2016.

The care and support that we were given along the way was truly outstanding and we could not be more grateful!

Since being home my Husband and my two Sisters have managed to raise over £3000 for Ronald Mc Donald House by Running Marathons and Jumping out of Planes. This a charity that houses families with sick babies and children in hospitals away from home. They housed us for 3 weeks whilst we were with Seb in Southampton.

Now its mine and Seb's turn to do our bit by doing what we do best..... looking cute, and making pretty things (I'll let you guess whos doing what), and raise some money for the Charity that supported us throughout our Neonatal journey.

Thank you in advance for helping us get there and supporting our cause by buying our bobbles!! #bobblesforbabies